4 Great iPhone Apps to Access PC/Mac Remotely

Whether you are travelling or relaxing at a beach, you can access your home of office computer easily via the iPhone. You can view the files, copy them to the iPhone, Delete them and so many things that you wish to do can be possible through the Remote Desktop Apps.  Remote Desktop Apps for iPhone enables you to access your home computer remotely from your iPhone. You can find a good amount of apps available at the iTunes store for this purpose. But the problem is to choose the best apps among them. So this post aims to help you in this regard and you can find here the list of best four remote desktop apps to use with your iPhone. Find the download link of each app bellow the descriptions and if you are viewing this post through the iPhone, it will take some minutes to install the selected one.

Screens – VNC Client for iOS

Remote Desktop App Screens

This app can be tun with both iPhone and iPad easily. Being one of the most popular app in the remote desktop industry, Screens can help you to access your computer in a most user friendly way. You can use the functions of your iPhone, like the drag and scroll with your finger feature while accessing the PC/Mac. So the cursor is not a problem. You can connect with OS X, Windows or Linux and the connection is secured and safe through the SSH Tunnel. This 22.1MB sized app costs you $19.99 to buy and requires iOS 4.2 or later  to run.

Click To Download Screens – VNC Client for iOS

Jump Desktop

Download Jump Desktop App

This remote desktop app can be installed easily and you don’t need to install additional software to connect your computer, if you have RDP or VNC configured already. The app also supports the iPad and iPod touch. Being a multi tasking supported app, Jump Desktop has the best features like: Bluetooth Keyboard, Copy and Paste, VGA-out, Audio streaming, AirPrint, and auto correction etc. You can make the setup with as many computers as you need and manage them all by using a Google Account. The connection with your PC or Mac is also secured through the built-in SSH tunneling feature. You can buy this useful 10.6 MB sized app for $14.99 at the iTunes store.

Click to Download JumpDesktop

Splashtop Remote Desktop

Download Splashtop Remote Desktop App

One of the top 20 best selling iPad app of 2011. Yes, Splashtop is celebrating this reward now and you can avail a great discount on all Splashtop apps including this Remote Desktop app. You can buy this 4.6 MB sized app for $0.99 now, while the regular price is $9.99.  This works fine with iPhone or iPad and also supports both Windows and Mac computer. Enjoy the streaming of High Resolution videos from your computer to the iPhone on the go. This app allows you to work with your Microsoft outlook, Excel, Word located in your computer smoothly with 100% compatibility.

Click to Download Splashtop Remote Desktop

 Mocha Remote Desktop (RDP)

Download Mocha Remote Desktop app

This Remote Desktop can be used with Computers running on XP Professional or Vista/Windows 7. Others are not supported. However there is a free version of this app is available to try before you buy. Find the Link to download the Free version of the app bellow this paragraph. The app comes with features like : 8/16 bit color mode for faster screen updates, Landscape mode, View only mode etc. You can buy this 0.8 MB sized remote desktop app for $5.99 and this requires iOS 3.0 or later to run.

Click to Download  Mocha Remote Desktop (RDP)

Click to Download  Mocha Remote Desktop Lite [Free Version]

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