4 Cool Google Chrome Extensions

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1. Facebook Photo Zoom

This is one of the top installed Google chrome extention and its really cool. This extension allows you to zoom a photo and see it largly without going to the photo page. Recently you have noticed this type of feature added to facebook. Installing this extension will allow you to see the preview of the photos when you mouse over the thumbnail. Wheather the photos are displayed on the wall or in the album this extension works everywhere.

Click to Install Facebook Photo Zoom

2. Awesome Screenshot

This is tye best screen capture tool, i have ever seen. This cool Extension for Google chrome helps you to take screen shot of any website with a difference. You may find this screen capture tool just like a software. There are options to use this tool to take the full screen shot of a web page, to take the screen shot of a specified region of the webpage or to take the screen shot of the visible part of the web page. After taking the screen shot you can edit that right there. You can crop, annotate with rectangles, circles, arrows, texts and lines etc. Also the eraser tool helps you to hide personal data like the email id etc. The most advanced option is to share the captured and edited screen shot with anyone. You can save it to the local computer or share it by uploading to the awesomescreenshot.com server with one click.

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3. Auto HD for YouTube

This cool extension to Google Chrome let you watch every YouTube Video in HD mode (if the high defination quality available) . However the videos starts playing with normal quality even if there is a availbility of HD quality on YouTube. But This chrome plugin enables the HD palying as the default. Where the HD quality is not available, it tries to play the best quality. Also you can choose the quality of Video which you like to watch. After installing this extension the setting wizard will help you to choose the prefered quality, Secondary quality, Fallback quality, Secondary fallback quality etc. Save the settings and enjoy the Videos in High Defination.

Click to install Auto HD for YouTube Extention

4. Talking Url

No, the URL will not talk with you. This free Google chrome extension will allow you to communicate with anyone on the same web page. This will create a virtual discussion board in between visitors of the same web page. If you are reading a news and you wish to descuss the topic with some of the other readers on the same URL, this extension will enable you to so. This works in real time. You don’t need to sign up or no need to go to the social sites to take part in the discussion of the same topic. You can also discuss Anonymously.

Click to install Talking Url

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