11 Lab Features for Gmail Users to Feel Like a Pro

11 Lab Features for Gmail UsersLab features of Gmail saves a lot of time. Developing these features keeps the Gmail team busy all the time. They have released so many lab features. Some have been graduated and made permanent to use with Gmail and some have been removed due to non-popularity.  You may follow their official Blog to get the updates about the lab features. Here are the 5 most useful Lab feature that helps you to use Gmail like a pro.

1.Forgotten Attachment Detector

This Gmail lab feature doesn’t help you forget any attachment before sending the email. Its a normal practice for most of us to mention about the attachment in the email message, if we are attaching something. And its a mistake, we forget to attach even if we have mentioned about the attachment in the email message which happens sometimes. However this feature prompts us, if we have made similar mistake and we can attach the forgotten file before sending the email. Remember it only prompts , if you have mention the word “Attachment” in the message body.

2.Offline Gmail

This can be an alternative to your desktop email client, which enables you to use your Gmail even if there is no Internet connection available. With the help of Gears, Gmail can download all your emails to your computer hard drive. As long as you are connected with Internet, this will synchronize your emails with your local hard drive. When you lost connection, it automatically switches to Off-line mode. In off-line mode you can read your email, add levels or stars and also compose new email and can send. It saves the sending message in the outbox and when you are connected with the internet, it automatically sends that message.

3.Undo Send

Oops I sent the mail to a wrong address. Is there a way, I can undo this ? Yes, Gmail has a Lab feature for this. This lab feature enables you to undo a sent email within 5 seconds.This is really awesome!

4.Inserting Images

When this feature was launched first time , it became very popular. And now some improvements like drag and drop images has been made to Gmail. Before this feature it was really difficult to show an image inside the message.

5.Message Translation

This feature can translate your email messages right inside your inbox. Previously when we had an email with unknown language, we had to find a translator like Google translator to translate and understand it properly. However this feature is just like that and brings Google translator into your Inbox. No need to go to the translator.

6.Mark as Read button

“Mark as read”, This service was previously there, but not like a Button. It was inside the “More Actions” menu. If it wastes your time to go inside the more actions menu and mark a post as read without reading it, then enable this feature and click the button.

7.Google Docs Previews

This feature enables the preview of a google doc inside the received email message. If someone sends you a google doc and you have very less time to respond it, this lab feature is very helpful.
8. Canned Responses
This helps you save a message for future use and also saves time while you need to send the same message repeatedly. Just click on it and choose the saved message. Your previously written message will be there. Click on the send button or make little modification before send. This feature is really Great!


Enabling tasks lab feature, makes you complete your tasks in time. A sticky to-do list that reminds you what to do next, as many time as you open your Gmail. You can also convert an email to a task, which is an added feature.


Making your in-box colorful and different from others. Its a great tool to differentiate the important emails from other emails. You can add a colorful star, a question mark, or any other symbol to the emails.

11.Multiple Inboxes

Finally this Gmail lab feature makes you feel like a pro user. Multiple Inboxes looks great and really helpful. This creats several multiple inboxes inside your Gmail Inbox. You can differentiate the emails easily. Using of Gmail filters can be helpful to make perfect multiple Inboxes.

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